Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


In joint effort with HW Genting Holiday Sdn Bhd, Ho Wah Genting Group Sdn Bhd is offering Exclusive Travel membership to those who seek ease of travel planning, exciting entertainment, lucrative discounts and rewards.


1)   Who are we?

Ho Wah Genting Group Sdn Bhd (HWGG) Marketing is a social commerce, peer-to-peer marketing arm of our exclusive travel memberships. Together with HW Genting Holiday Sdn Bhd (HWGH), our official tour agency with more than 2 decades of experience in the tour industry, we aim to offer our members access to some of the most unique global and local travel and entertainment experiences available anywhere at almost any price.


2)   Why should I join?

Simply because the value of your membership will be fully realized each year you are a member. Members can enjoy our unprecedented rewards, bottom line savings from member only discounts and exclusive entertainment program offered by our affiliated agents, resorts and cruises.


3)   What can I use my HWGG Exclusive Travel Membership for?

Members can use the membership points to book, purchase and redeem pre-packaged tours, customized tours, accommodations, transport arrangements and entertainment packages through our website or call in to our HQ. Members can save on travelling packages and also earn discount rewards.


4)   I recently joined the HWGG Exclusive Travel Membership. When will I receive my membership card?

Ho Wah Genting Group Sdn Bhd will send members a copy of Official Membership Letter, Official Receipts and Membership Card upon approval of application, which is usually within 5 working days from application submission date. Members may expect these items to arrive approximately two to three weeks from approval date.


5)   How do I activate my online account?

You can register for online account access at anytime. Registering a Username and Password is quick and easy. All you need is the membership card and an email address.

Once you’ve completed the simple process of creating your Web site username and password you’ll have online access to manage your account information, view your account balance and much more.


6)   How does the membership works?

Upon subscribing as members, members will be allocated HWGG Point equivalent to their subscription amount. These points are available for use at any time within the membership period. Point balances in the account are served as the base of calculation of the discount rewards as stated in the membership.


7)   How can I utilize the points and enjoy the benefit of the membership?

As we cater discounted tour packages and special entertainment travel packages to our members, members may use their subscription point to purchase these exclusive packages at a discounted price via our website: or through the sales counter via walk-in / call-in.


8)   If I do not choose the pre-packaged tour and travel packages in your website, is there other way that I can use my points?

At HW Genting Holiday, we believe in personalization to our members. Members may utilize their points for customised trip, flight ticket purchase services, transportation arrangement services and entertainment packages. All members need to do is to fill up and submit the enquiries forms at our contact us column and our customer service personnel will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note in order to customize group tours, minimum pax per group should be at least 15 pax.


9)   How long is the membership?

HWGG Exclusive Travel Membership is a yearly membership program. Upon reaching 12 months period, members will have to decide if they want to renew/upgrade their membership.


10)   Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, members are allowed to upgrade their membership. However, the membership start date will be adjusted based on the renewal/upgrade confirmation date.


11)   What will happen if I decide not to renew my membership after expiry date?

As a feature of our membership, remaining point balances that are unused at the end of expiry date will be converted back to cash and refunded back to members. The process will take approximately 7 – 14 working days after the expiry date of the membership.


12)   In the recent market, there are many scams and money games in the market that involves illegal deposit taking. How does this membership differ from these illegal activities?

In accordance to the Malaysia Law, HWGG are in compliant of the follow laws:

a) Direct-Selling

HWGG’s business model is not direct selling as it does not fall within the definition of direct selling in the Direct Sales Act 1993

b) Deposit Taking

Under the Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989 (BAFIA), deposit taking is defined as an act of receiving, taking or accepting deposits from members of the public that promises a repayment with interest/returns in money without a valid licence under BAFIA.

HWGG’s business model is not in breach under the BAFIA act as the membership is in fact a sale transaction whereby a members pay for subscription of points which in any point of time, member can utilize for purchases and entertainment.

c) Money Laundering

HWGG’s Exclusive Travel Membership programme does not create a mechanism for money laundering. It is merely a programme promoting tour and travel packages which includes accommodation in resorts, holidays on cruises and visits to various entertainment sites with facilities, including casinos

These legal opinions on HWGG business model were given by qualified advocates and solicitors firm based on Malaysia’s Law.


13)   Who can I contact for further explanation on the membership?

We have an open talk session every Friday at 3.30p.m in our HQ (Wisma Ho Wah Genting). Interested parties may do RSVP through our hotline. For further information, you may also email us at [email protected] or call us at +603 2141 6422 and ask for our business development executives (Mr.Mavis Mok and Ms.Kelly Liew) for the Membership.

Our story is about vision and adventure. A story of a humble gentleman inspired to establish and share his vision of the desired travel and tourism industry. Our founder, Prof. Dato’ Lim Hui Boon started off his career by ferrying guests to Genting Highlands even before it was a world famous landmark.With his vision and experience, he developed and established the transportation routes and services to Genting Highlands, effectively encouraging tourism into Malaysia.

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